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Bach Flower Session

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Price: $75.00
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Bach Flower Therapy and Remedies work to rebalance the negative emotions and negative states of mind of the individual which build up stress and create disease. In today’s world we all experience stress and emotional ups and downs from time to time. Bach Flower Therapies are an emotional management system, a simple, gentle treatment helping us through these times, restoring a sense of focus and inner calm, enabling us to take control. The remedies are completely safe, natural and non- addictive; they do not interfere with any other treatment. They are suitable for all ages, are safe during pregnancy and can be used with babies, children and animals. The therapy treatment includes a consultation with the therapist who will help determine your emotional issues and then will custom mix a Bach Remedy for you. This is a very effective treatment to help in the release and healing of emotional “stuff” that could be holding you back and making you sick.